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Technology Adoption Programs

Technology providers, and their customers, in Life Sciences and Healthcare always must remember that deploying the technology itself is a measurement of progress, but not a measurement of success. True success comes only when we transform a core business process or stakeholder experience, better enabling busy humans to do their jobs through the use of our offerings. We advise and assist both enterprise technology providers and their customers, always focusing upon the axiom that powerful technology only will succeed when it is adopted with ease and enthusiasm. 

For technology providers, we help to foster and establish a cultural focus on post-delivery operational success. We begin by analyzing current operations, product management processes, customer satisfaction, customer and employee retention, and marketplace perceptions. We then may provide training and employee education, establish customer success and operational governance programs, or engage in other cultural and procedural change management, always in concert with organizational values and leadership.

For life sciences and healthcare organizations, successful technology adoption at the enterprise level depends upon planning, execution, and accountability far beyond the tactical deployment of the technology itself. We can help our customers engage in process and workflow redesign, role and responsibility redesign, communication and adoption planning, planning for post-deployment operational success, and the myriad, critically important aspects of the human side of technology adoption and change management. We can assist in building the business case and ROI model for a technology deployment, defining requirements and selecting providers and partners, advising during planning of the overall program, and providing Owner’s Representative oversight during the implementation itself.

The concept of an Owner’s Rep comes from the world of commercial construction, and it rarely is used in other industries, but fundamentally, an Owner’s Rep is a knowledgeable third-party who represents the project owner’s interests. Even the most conscientious and capable project or program managers are financially accountable to their employer; an Owner’s Rep helps to manage risk through a combination of knowledge and experience, and accountability only to the project owner’s best interests and the ultimate success of the project. An Owner’s Rep would become an extension of the Customer’s Team, a trusted advisor who will assist in establishing operational governance and project oversight, and who is charged to monitor (rather than manage) the progress and alignment of multiple program work streams. And an Owner’s Rep can be the person on your team who has, indeed, done this before.

To be clear, technology can transform core processes, or even entire industries, in very beneficial ways. But it’s not guaranteed. You need more than the best technology you can identify.

You need a sustained commitment, from yourself and your partners. And you need a plan.

We’re here to help.

David Fishbach
Founder & Principal
Excel Executive Business Advisors